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Like David - Silva

Le 18 December 2017, 09:56 dans Humeurs 0

Like David - Silva, Debrayon is also shot twice today, 3 times, although only a 1-goal harvest, but he delivered two key passes on the court, and there are four dribbles Exceptional, extraordinary number with Quentin tied the highest team. As a tyrant who started to emerge in 2008, Manchester City has continued to win the likes of Silva, Aguero and Debra Au, despite constantly winning Manchester City titles in recent seasons. Barcelona and other traditional giants temptation Ernie Banks Jersey. For Manchester City, in order to continue to maintain a strong combat effectiveness, they will try their best to leave the team's two core, after Blue Moon has been with 31-year-old Silva renewal Mark Grace Jersey, followed by the same with Debra Nene Renew a new contract. Sanchez pass, Ivobey right-sided goal hit the right post pop. A minute later, Jilu points, Ivalby missed a long shot outside the post. The first 44 minutes, Keschelni pass, Zhaka long shot wide of the left post. The first 46 minutes, Noble sent forward pass, Arnautovic broke into the closed area of ??the door rubbed the beam fly out the bottom line Miguel Montero Jersey. Three minutes later, Sanchez pass, Beilei right inserted long shot wide of the left post outside. The first 56 minutes, Sanchez pass again, Ozil's attack missed Ron Santo Jersey.

David - Silva stunning performance

Le 18 December 2017, 09:56 dans Humeurs 0

David - Silva stunning performance, Manchester City, another midfielder Debra Laone not to much, in the first 34 minutes of the game, the Belgians use the front left free kick opportunity to shoot directly, the ball after the ground Bypass the goalkeeper into the lower right corner of the goal. Counting today's goals, Debra Aune has been directly involved in nearly 14 league games with 13 goals Kris Bryant Jersey, including 5 goals and 8 assists. Manchester City League winning streak of 15 consecutive record: 4 wins away to Swansea West Greg Maddux Jersey, Manchester City to a league 15-game winning streak beyond Arsenal to become the most consecutive Premiership winning team history Jake Buchanan Jersey. Manchester City dual-core with build power: with Swansea match Manchester City dual-core David - Silva and de Blaunet with build Wade Davis Jersey, to help the Blue Moon easily win on the road. MVP: David - Silva Spanish magician is undoubtedly the best player in this game, he scored 2 goals for Manchester City, but also almost complete hat-trick.

Whether it's Arsenal's

Le 18 December 2017, 09:56 dans Humeurs 0

Whether it's Arsenal's 12-game winning streak in a single season, Chelsea in 13 straight singles, or Tottenham at its best in England's top leagues, all three have won the league championship this season. So for Manchester City, which boasts a whopping 15-game winning streak and at the same time refreshes the best start for England's top leagues, they still have 21 championships in the league, but basically they have already won the championship ahead of schedule and now wait for the blue moon Whether to break Chelsea's 2004-05 season to create a single season record (95 points), and even become the first Premiership history to score over 100 points team. The match saw Silva 3 shots, 2 shots are all scored, and he still has 111 terrible passing, passing the pass rate as high as 93.8%, including a key pass, with a ball over There are 2 times the number of people. Although Silva this season, October 14 to Stoke City game before breaking the league shortage, but in the last three league games, he has scored consecutive goals 4, both against West Ham and Manchester United A goal to help Manchester City to win the same score of 2-1, against Swansea today even more scald. Can be said that without Silva outstanding play Ryne Sandberg Jersey, Manchester City's winning streak may have ended long ago. Manchester United home to regain the victory: Manchester City Derby lost in Manchester City at home to win over Bournemouth Chicago Cubs Mens Jerseys, reversed the decline to regain the feeling of victory, got the key and affordable 3 points. MVP: Lukaku This small World of Warcraft header power to help Manchester United open the door to victory Ben Zobrist Jersey, which is his 14 goals scored for United this season Jason Heyward Jersey, including 9 Premier League ball.

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